Sinful Temptations Cynfell Brothers Book 6

- When lord harris cynfell is injured helping his twin brother rescue a damsel in distress, how does he get thanked? He’s abandoned in a notorious den of vice. Which happens to be owned by the most beautiful woman he’s ever met—the fallen Miss Anna Dubois. Unfortunately, his Cynfell charm fails him and Anna appears immune to him.

She’s had her fill of charming men and if she managed to fight her attraction to him while nursing him better, she certainly is not going to give in now. So why is it the attraction between them is so hard to fight? she’s dealt with every type of man as they walked through her door at the den of vice she runs and yet Harris Cynfell seems to get under her skin and if she let him, he’d certainly be under her bodice.

Sinful Temptations Cynfell Brothers Book 6 - Even with his injury drawing pity from the lovely society ladies, he hasn’t found himself interested in anyone else recently. Anna is in london for one reason only—to find the child she was forced to abandon all those years ago. She certainly isn’t interested in Harris Cynfell, a notorious charmer and seducer.

After all her experiences with men, she knows he’s not any different but when they share a passionate kiss, she can’t help wonder…would it be so harmful to indulge in a little pleasure with the handsome lord? When he meets her again several months later, he can’t resist having another try at cracking that icy façade.

Sinful Secrets Cynfell Brothers Book 7

- Cleo is hardly pleased to be engaged to Niall Harper either. Until she became engaged to a fool of a man. Why did she let herself be pushed into such a match? could ruination really be so bad? And why is Gideon suddenly so interested in her wedding plans?When it becomes clear that her harmless fiancé is not so innocent after all, Gideon and Cleo must join forces to ensure she’s not forced into marrying him.

Gideon can’t help it. He’s enraged that she should lower herself to marrying the idiot. And gideon intends to keep it that way. The cynfell brothers are the very embodiment of a sinful existence. After having first-hand knowledge of just how fragile his parents’ marriage was, he isn’t interested in women for anything more than a brief dalliance.

Sinful Secrets Cynfell Brothers Book 7 - However, cleo Talbot is set to change that. Friends from childhood, Gideon and Cleo had always enjoyed an easy relationship. With the help of a person from gideon’s past—one that means he has to acknowledge the lie he’s been living—and his brothers, can they bring the criminal to justice or will Gideon and Cleo be left with many regrets, knowing that perhaps they were more than good friends after all?

But could the right woman change that?PrideThe elusive youngest Cynfell is the only bachelor remaining. Lust, wrath, greed, gluttony, sloth, envy and pride. He’s harmless enough, but after saying yes, regret kicks in quickly.

Sinful Possession Cynfell Brothers Book 5

- Unfortunately, keeping the vivacious Lila protected until the murderer is found is going to test him in every way possible. Can he resist her charm and beauty, aware a worthless man like himself is no good for a woman like her? All he knows is that when Lila turns her sunny smile onto his twin brother, his finds himself unable to summon his usual relaxed attitude.

He cannot very well abandon her as it was due to his inaction that a man ended up dead and a serial killer is now targeting her. Has ash cynfell, the most reclusive brother, finally found something worth fighting for? The cynfell brothers are the very embodiment of a sinful existence. With her charming manners, beautiful looks and excellent connections, everyone anticipated her receiving endless proposals.

However, no one expected her to be kidnapped. After she witnesses a murder, Lila finds herself in the hands of two overwhelmingly attractive brothers--entirely against her will. However, while the twin cynfell brothers might be as devastating in looks as each other, only one intrigues her--the brooding Lord Ash Cynfell.

Sinful Possession Cynfell Brothers Book 5 - Unfortunately, he is the very reason she is in danger. Already battling with his own demons, Ash finds himself with an additional burden to bear--Miss Lila Radley's safety. Lust, greed, gluttony, wrath, sloth, envy and pride. But could the right woman change that?SlothMiss Lila Radley was set to be the belle of the ball this summer.

Sinful Cravings Cynfell Brothers Book 4

- Few women can claim to be as virginal and upstanding as Miss Foster. At least not in Jasper’s eyes. But after the disappearance of her rebellious sister Emma, she needs answers. And she dislikes him in return. He puts every rake in England to shame. Henrietta foster—daughter of a vicar and a volunteer at the village orphanage.

And for some reason, all paths keep leading to Jasper, as much as she’d like to ignore him. However, after hettie is forced to accept Jasper’s assistance to track her sister down, Hettie finds herself inexplicably drawn to him. The cynfell brothers are the very embodiment of a sinful existence. Lust, greed, sloth, wrath, gluttony, envy and pride.

Sinful Cravings Cynfell Brothers Book 4 - But could the right woman change that?GluttonyLord Jasper Cynfell—wastrel, blackguard, a rake of the highest regard. The uptight Miss Foster vexes him at every turn. After all, the stalwart Henrietta Foster would never have her head turned by someone like Jasper. Would she? The laced-up woman won’t seem to leave him alone—even in his dreams.

It can’t be because he’s as handsome as sin or because he makes her feel like a woman for the first time in her life. Why does this woman seem to be turning up everywhere he looks? And why is there something innately appealing about her?Hettie knows Jasper dislikes her.

Sinful Liaisons Cynfell Brothers Book 3

- The cynfell brothers are the very embodiment of a sinful existence. He can't help but be attracted to the worldly, mature woman. So he certainly isn't going to say no when she offers to write off his debts in return for one thing--his body. However, it soon becomes clear more than his body is becoming involved.

. Meanwhile, she has too many other things to worry about--like the preservation of her son's land. When pierce begins to show himself as more than a skilled lover, Evelyn has a choice--let herself be vulnerable again or send away the man who lights a fire in her body, heart and soul. Particularly when he's so attractive.

Sinful Liaisons Cynfell Brothers Book 3 - . Lord pierce Cynfell is in a world of trouble. With his brother threatening to cut him off and his gambling debts increasing, his beautiful rescuer couldn't have come at a better time. But could the right woman change that?GreedIt's not every day a duchess comes across a naked man on the roadside. But evelyn chesworth can hardly leave the poor man in nought but his skin on the dangerous road to London.

She has loved and lost twice in her life and won't let that happen again. It's not every day a duchess takes said naked man home with her.

Sinful Deeds Cynfell Brothers Book 2

- He provided her with a comfortable home and all the art supplies she could ever need. She wants true love, marriage, and respectability. When josephine ends their arrangement, Dante is shocked. He’s witnessed too many miserable marriages. After a short marriage that left her near destitute, the widow couldn’t help but fall into his arms.

. And his bed. But after four years of tolerating his drunken behaviour and late night calls, Josephine has had enough. The cynfell brothers are the very embodiment of a sinful existence. Why put the person you care about through such misery?Positive he can win her back, he sets out to remind her how good they are together.

Sinful Deeds Cynfell Brothers Book 2 - Lust, sloth, wrath, greed, gluttony, envy and pride. Josephine is about to learn that an envious Cynfell man is not to be trifled with. But could the right woman change that?EnvyBeing the mistress of one of the most notorious rakes in London was never going to be easy, but Josephine believed she was strong enough.

After all, she loved Dante Cynfell to distraction. One thing is for sure, Dante will not give her up easily—especially to another man. What more could a beautiful woman want?Marriage? Well, that’s one thing Dante Cynfell doesn’t plan to offer any woman—not even Josephine.

Sinful Confessions Cynfell Brothers Book 1

- An american heiress who is expecting a wedding. Viola thompson can’t believe her luck when the English lord she has been corresponding with for the better part of a year asks her to visit him. The cynfell brothers are the very embodiment of a sinful existence. This has to mean an offer of marriage surely? Finally, Viola will prove to her family and friends that she is more than a ruined woman with no prospects.

But could the right woman change that?wrathLocked behind the walls of Lockwood Manor, the Marquess of Lockwood whiles away his days writing angry letters, Julian Cynfell, drinking and sleeping. He never expects his solitude to be interrupted by a brazen American heiress. Not to mention she knows they will be a love match.

Sinful Confessions Cynfell Brothers Book 1 - No one could write such beautiful letters without being the perfect man. But when she arrives in cold, grizzled—albeit in a handsome way—marquess, dreary England to be faced by a foul-tempered, her dreams of marriage are quickly dashed. Lust, sloth, greed, gluttony, wrath, envy and pride. Can she draw the lord out of his melancholy ways? and does she even want to remain in England while rumours of three dead wives circulate around Lockwood?One thing is for certain, this American heiress has never been one to back down from a challenge—especially when not even the Atlantic Ocean could dampen the patent desire running between them.

The Cynfell Brothers

Helstone Press - Lust, gluttony, wrath, sloth, greed, envy and pride. The cynfell brothers are the very embodiment of a sinful existence. But could the right woman change that?Meet all the Cynfell brothers in this limited edition boxset! .

When a Rogue Loves a Woman Rogues of Redmere Book 2

- Easy. Or at least it would be if the stubborn Patience would let him do his job. Can he keep his attention from her long enough to complete their mission and persuade Patience to let him do his job and protect her? A job he’s beginning to find he’s enjoying a lot more than he thought he would…. Which is where Nathaniel comes in.

Nate is happy to be of service. For once in her life, she wants to prove she’s just as good as a man and she does not need Nathaniel Kingsley getting in her way. With her brother injured, it is up to her to continue her family’s work…and that means tracking down a French spy and ensuring said spy will turn.

When a Rogue Loves a Woman Rogues of Redmere Book 2 - Notorious rogue, Lord Nathaniel Kingsley always tended to leap without thinking. Unfortunately, no one believes she can do it alone. Why pass up the opportunity to repay an old friend, play escort to Patience, especially with a little intrigue along the way? Find the spy, return home to continue smuggling.

Becoming a smuggler, adopting a sheep, getting engaged to Miss Patience Grey…. Patience has no need for a fiancé, or a husband. The breeches-wearing woman is determined to do it all alone and, he has to admit, there’s something quite distracting about a woman in men’s clothes.

You're the Rogue That I Want Rogues of Redmere Book 1

- Never. But when Miss Hannah St. Carting a cursed stone across the country with a know-it-all woman is not Red’s idea of fun, particularly when their journey runs far from smoothly…so why does he find himself enjoying her company just a little too much?You're the Rogue that I Want is book 1 in the Rogues of Redmere series.

. Nothing. Not even the touch of a smuggler who inconceivably makes her stomach twist. When it becomes clear the irritating bluestocking will do anything for this blasted artifact and needs saving from herself, the earl-turned-smuggler steps in. John strides into his life demanding—yes, demanding—he help her, he’s certain she’s more challenge than even he can handle.

You're the Rogue That I Want Rogues of Redmere Book 1 - Hannah is determined to transport an artifact from France—one that will change everything—even if it means working with a lawless man like Red. Nothing is more important than preserving history. It can be read as a standalone story and has a HEA. Meet the earl of redmere in the 1st book in the Rogues of Redmere series, a brand new Regency romance series by #1 bestselling author Samantha Holt.

Red never shies away from a challenge. It includes some steamy content.

Waiting for a Rogue Like You Rogues of Redmere

Helstone Press - And a terrifying face at that. He knows trouble when he sees it. Fortunately, drake likes trouble, especially when it comes in a particularly attractive package. Knight won’t be too happy when he finds out Drake has decided Julianna is a challenge he more than welcomes. It’s a risk he’s more than willing to take.

While he and his crew of smugglers are waiting for their next job, Julianna makes a welcome distraction from the damned ache in his leg and the scars making his skin itch. A shame julianna doesn’t like him one jot then, not even when he rescues her and promises to bring her to her brother. She knows a rogue when she sees one and the last thing she needs is another man in her life telling her what to do.

Waiting for a Rogue Like You Rogues of Redmere - Knight is the muscle behind the crew, ensuring their cover remains in place so that they can help the war effort whilst making a pretty penny. Not even her brother…A brother who happens to be the face of the smuggling operation Drake partakes in.