Freed Rosewood Bay Series Book 3

CP Publishing - But if some girl’s rich daddy wants to pay him, he’ll take it, no questions asked. Watching juliette collins blossom outside of her father’s shadow for the first time is an experience he wasn’t counting on and soon Braden’s brand of protection becomes a little too personal. He’s being paid to watch over her, which means he should keep his hands to himself.

Will she forgive him when she discovers he’s been lying to her all a long?Getting paid to watch over a city girl on vacation seems too good to be true for Braden Clark. In the personal protection business, he’s used to working a lot harder for a lot less. He’s mixing business with pleasure and lying to a woman he cares about.

Freed Rosewood Bay Series Book 3 - After discovering her father’s secret, a family she never knew about, Juliette is eager to discover everything else she’s missed in her sheltered life—including the hot, muscular guy that seems to be everywhere she looks. But what happens when she discovers his secret? that he’s been paid to watch over her all along?a standalone NovelRosewood Bay SeriesBook 1: Fearless B0765CS6HRBook 2: Breathe B079TDH2P8Book 3: Freed B07C4PCVF6Book 4: Dream B07F48LL4X.

Breathe Rosewood Bay Series Book 2

CP Publishing - He’s used to starting over. A boy… now a sexy man she thought she’d never see again … and the father of her child. After all these years, they finally have a chance to finish their story—if they can find their faith in a happy ending. A standalone novelrosewood bay seriesbook 1: fearless b0765cs6hrbook 2: breathe B079TDH2P8Book 3: Freed B07C4PCVF6Book 4: Dream B07F48LL4X.

Her days in foster care and her life as a teenage mother taught her how to survive … despite the broken heart she still carries inside her. Grown up, more beautiful than ever, and back in his life. Phoebe is no stranger to starting over either. She kept their child a secret. Phoebe Ward. Can he give her a second chance and the happily ever after she’s always wanted?Completing his newest renovation job is the chance Jake Nichols needs to prove himself to his mentor, to make his daughter proud, to feel like himself again after his divorce.

Breathe Rosewood Bay Series Book 2 - She’s not what he remembers. From troubled teen to successful contractor, sometimes it feels like starting over is all he’s ever done. Discovering his first love is in charge of the project changes everything. She’s better. She thought she’d never see Jake Nichols again.

Dream: A Rosewood Bay Standalone Love Story Rosewood Bay Series Book 4

CP Publishing - Except that no happily-ever-after is won without a fight – and her ex-husband doesn’t like to lose. An all new standalone second chance romance from New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips. Best friends. First loves. Can they find a second chance?Andi wanted nothing more to marry prince charming and her best friend Kyle Davenport believed that would be him.

But after losing the girl of his dreams to the town bad boy, Kyle left Rosewood Bay and swore he’d never look back. They say true love never dies, so when kyle returns and discovers single mom Andi is in danger, he’ll do anything to break down the walls she’s built to protect her son, and to finally win her heart.

Fearless Rosewood Bay Series Book 1

CP Publishing - Soon, bringing the color back into her world is his life’s mission. Until the past meets the present. When kane rescues halley ward from the side of the road, he’s determined to get to know the mysterious, solitary woman. He knows the type; shallow, slumming for the summer, enjoying the sun and the novelty before returning to their real lives.

Until their two worlds collide. Kane knows a lie when he hears one. She says she isn’t interested in him—or anything outside of her painting and her bungalow. But rosewood bay and the garage he owns are Kane’s real life and he makes the most of it. She’s beautiful, wealthy, and the loneliest person on the beach.

Fearless Rosewood Bay Series Book 1 - Until it’s her turn to leave her black and white world behind and live in Kane’s, with its risks and love. A standalone novelrosewood bay seriesbook 1: fearless b0765cs6hrbook 2: breathe B079TDH2P8Book 3: Freed B07C4PCVF6Book 4: Dream B07F48LL4X. She spent years building walls around her heart … but he plans to tear them down.

Gorgeous women pass through Kane Harmon’s beach town as reliably as the tides.

Take Me Again The Knight Brothers Book 1

CP Publishing - Sebastian Knight is a closer. Sexy and irresistible, a smile, a wink, or a handshake always seals the deal. All alpha all the time, Sebastian Knight’s confidence never wavers. The ashley who returns is sassy and sexy--everything Sebastian craves and he wants a second chance. Despite her reluctance, his sex appeal makes it harder and harder to keep him at arm’s length.

Sebastian might have a talent for sealing the deal, but Ashley is no longer easily charmed. At least not until ashley Easton walks back into his life, wanting nothing to do with the playboy who broke her heart. This time he’s going to have to work to win. A standalone romancethe knight brothersbook 1: take me again: asin: b07m8ybs6rbook 2:: take the bride: asin: b07k6ztnkzbook 3: Take Me Down: ASIN: B07M8YBS6RBook 4: Dare Me Tonight: ASIN: B07PQTD8RG.

Take Me Again The Knight Brothers Book 1 - Be it a business deal or the woman of his choice, everything he wants is his for the taking. Until ashley returns at the worst possible time, and everything unravels around him.

Cross My Heart Ty and Hunter Book 1

CP Publishing - Can ty reclaim lily as well? or will she leave him again, this time for good?ty and hunter SeriesBook 1: Cross My Heart - ASIN: B07N7RS4P7Book 2: Sealed with a Kiss - ASIN: B07N7RMM23. But lily never forgot Ty Benson. When ty discovers lily's uncle is about to have her declared legally dead in order to finally get his hands on the family money, Ty seeks out Lily and urges her to return home, face her past and reclaim what rightfully belongs to her.

Ten years ago, leaving her old life – and love, a seventeen year old Lily Dumont faked her own death to escape an uncle who wanted her inheritance, behind.

Sealed with a Kiss Ty and Hunter Book 2

CP Publishing - But what she really wanted was a family. So when she discovered her real father, she didn’t hesitate to pack her bags. Although he can’ resist her, he won’t be hurt again. Her newfound father is under arrest for murder, and she's convinced Hunter is the only attorney with the skill and reputation to get him off.

Hunter can't resist helping an innocent man and he’s still drawn to Molly. Even though it meant leaving her old life behind. Daniel hunter's still trying to get on with his life after losing Molly. Then she shows up at his door, begging for help. On the outside, molly Gifford had it all—a hot legal career and a hotter boyfriend.

Sealed with a Kiss Ty and Hunter Book 2 - This time he’s determined to be the one who walks away with his heart and emotions intact. Standalonety and hunter seriesbook 1: cross my heart - asin: b07n7RS4P7Book 2: Sealed with a Kiss - ASIN: B07N7RMM23.

Take Me Down The Knight Brothers Book 3

- And emily has an ex who refuses to accept that their relationship is over. A weekend away to plan a corporate retreat turns into a revelation when he lays eyes on Emily Stevens, the sexy owner of a small inn that’s seen better days. He wants to take care of this woman who makes him feel … everything. Now he works for his family’s business, wearing a suit and pretending to be happy.

But when her ex makes his move, Parker realizes what’s important. Parker knight was going through the motions… and then he met her. He only hopes he isn’t too late. The knight brothersbook 1: take me again: asin: b07m8ybs6rbook 2:: take the bride: asin: b07k6ztnkzbook 3: take me down: ASIN: B07M8YBS6RBook 4: Dare Me Tonight: ASIN: B07PQTD8RG.

Take Me Down The Knight Brothers Book 3 - And when she caves to their incredible passion, she discovers he makes her feel just as good in bed as out. Parker isn’t a man who gives up. Yet no matter how hot they burn or how well they mesh, Parker’s time with her has an expiration date. Sweet, sexy emily Stevens is his chance to reclaim his life. One look at emily and the run down bed and breakfast and suddenly Parker has a purpose.

He turns his short stay into a longer one, intending to act on the intense chemistry and desire that runs hot between them. While there, he plans to give Emily and her father’s inn a much needed infusion of cash and manpower.

Fighting For You The Connor Family Book 5

- She’s determined to keep things strictly business and focus only on work. Top-scoring athlete. Her warm and bubbly personality coupled with her sexy-as-sin body makes her irresistible. Although, he’s working on changing the last one. There’s more to jace than the media portrays—a man who loves his tight-knit family, being his nieces’ and nephews’ favorite uncle.

Brooke derringer wants to prove to everyone that she wasn’t hired due to her personal connections. He wants the whole package…with the one woman he can’t have. Sexiest soccer player. And he will. America's favorite party boy. The reformed party-boy is now steering clear of anything that could blemish his reputation.

Fighting For You The Connor Family Book 5 - Surprising her with clandestine dinners and late-night gym sessions, Jace is inescapable. He’s determined to fight for her. She learned the hard way that the office isn’t the place to make friends. But a certain smoking hot—and bossy—soccer player is determined to change her mind. But when the coach's gorgeous daughter is hired on as the team’s new sponsorship manager, keeping on the straight and narrow becomes impossible.

Dare Me Tonight The Knight Brothers Book 4

CP Publishing - The knight brothersbook 1: take me again: asin: b07m8ybs6rbook 2:: take the bride: asin: b07k6ztnkzbook 3: take me down: ASIN: B07M8YBS6RBook 4: Dare Me Tonight: ASIN: B07PQTD8RG. Women, not so much. Sometimes you have to indulge even the most daring desires … For Ethan Knight, managing his empire is his priority.

Oh, and she's pregnant, too. But when a favor leads to him meeting sexy, driven Sienna Dare at a black tie corporate event, his interest is piqued along with his desire, and his infamous control slips as he joints here for an unforgettable night in bed. Sienna dare is trying to figure out the direction of her life when she meets enigmatic Ethan Knight—a strong, confident man so hot and irresistible he's the one she finally relinquishes her v-card to.

Dare Me Tonight The Knight Brothers Book 4 - . The problem? ethan has a billion dollar contract with Sienna's brother at stake. An overly-protective brother who doesn't take it well when he finds out his business associate bedded his much younger sister.

Tempt Me Bodyguard Bad Boys Book 2

CP Publishing - Keeping his distance isn’t easy but he’s determined to be a gentleman. Until mia's past comes back to haunt her and she’s in need of Austin’s brand of protection. He hired mia atwood to care for his child but he finds himself lusting after her instead. His sole focus is his young daughter - and despite his good intentions, the little girl's live-in nanny.

Suddenly she’s his in every sense of the word — and he’ll do whatever it takes to shield the woman who tempts him beyond reason. The single dad & the nanny. Burned by an ex with a wandering eye, Austin Rhodes has sworn off women.