Flower Garden

HMH Books for Young Readers FBA-|281957 - An urban african-american girl and her father buy plants, potting soil, ride the bus to their apartment, and a window box at the supermarket, and put together a colorful gift for the child’s mother. Rhyming verse carries the brief story, warm, full-color illustrations present scenes from novel angles, while wonderful, and depict a loving family with a sense of intimacy, sincerity, and joy.

School library Journal Voyager Paperbacks.

Sunflower House

HMH Books for Young Readers - Hmh books for Young Readers. A charming tale about inventive children who plant some summer fun.

Lola Plants a Garden Lola Reads

Charlesbridge - She wants to plant her own garden of beautiful flowers, so she and Mommy go to the library to check out books about gardening. Lola finds it hard to wait for her flowers to grow, but she spends the time creating her own flower book. Her curiosity and love of books is infectious. Parents and children love sharing Lola's stories.

Rosalind beardshaw's beautiful illustrations highlight Lola's close-knit family and how they use stories and books to interact with their world. Soon she has a garden full of sunflowers and invites all of her friends for cakes and punch and a story amongst the flowers. Lola is a beloved character that continues to shine for young readers.

Lola Plants a Garden Lola Reads - How does your garden grow? Book-loving Lola is inspired by a collection of garden poems that she reads with her mommy. And then they wait. They dig and plant. Hmh books for Young Readers. They choose their flowers and buy their seeds. Lola's brightly colored and growing garden is the perfect surrounding for this bright little girl.


Planting a Rainbow

HMH Books for Young Readers HOU9780152626105 - Depth - 11. 09. Charlesbridge. Weight - 031. This educational and enjoyable book helps children understand how to plant bulbs, seeds, and seedlings, and nurture their growth. Hmh books for Young Readers. Height - 018. Lois ehlert's bold collage illustrations include six pages of staggered width, presenting all the flowers of each color of the rainbow.

Width - 8. 54.

Jack's Garden

Greenwillow Books 9780688152833 - Weight - 031. Charlesbridge. Greenwillow Books. Hmh books for Young Readers. Width - 8. 54. Height - 018. This is the garden that Jack planted. The final illustration presents a satisfied-looking boy surrounded by a lush, bird-filled flower garden. A concluding page of gardening suggestions serves as a springboard to books with more specific guidelines.

Horn Book. Depth - 11. 09. Building on a rhyme that will be familiar to many children, author-illustrator Cole creates an enticing guide to creating a garden.

Zinnia's Flower Garden

Puffin Books - Springtime is here, and Zinnia can’t wait to plant her seeds and watch them grow. Height - 018. She carefully takes care of her garden, weeding, watering her plants, and waiting patiently for something to sprout. Charlesbridge. Weight - 031. And soon enough, young readers will enjoy watching Zinnia’s beautiful garden grow, the first seedlings appear! With art just as colorful as a garden in bloom, and may even be inspired to start one of their own.

Width - 8. 54. Hmh books for Young Readers. Greenwillow Books. Depth - 11. 09.

Planting a Rainbow

HMH Books for Young Readers - Weight - 031. Charlesbridge. Depth - 11. 09. Hmh books for Young Readers. Width - 8. 54. Height - 018. Greenwillow Books. Young children will enjoy learning about colors and flowers with this new edition of one of Lois Ehlert's most popular titles in a brand-new format. Red wagon Books.

From Seed to Plant

Holiday House - Flowers, seed formation, but where do they come from?   With simple language and bright illustrations, fruits—plants are all around us, trees, non-fiction master Gail Gibbons introduces young readers to the processes of pollination, and germination. Charlesbridge. Hmh books for Young Readers. Important vocabulary is reinforced with accessible explanation and colorful, the wide variety of seeds, clear diagrams showing the parts of plants, and how they grow.

The book includes instructions for a seed-growing project, and a page of interesting facts about plants, seeds, and flowers. A nonfiction classic, and a perfect companion for early science lessons and curious young gardeners. Used book in Good Condition. Depth - 11. 09. Height - 018. Greenwillow Books. Width - 8. 54.

From Seed to Plant - According to the washington post, Gail Gibbons "has taught more preschoolers and early readers about the world than any other children's writer-illustrator.

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt

Chronicle Books - Height - 018. But down in the dirt there is a busy world of earthworms digging, skunks burrowing, snakes hunting, and all the other animals that make a garden their home. Chronicle. Weight - 031. Depth - 11. 09. Charlesbridge. Width - 8. 54. Up in the garden, the world is full of green—leaves and sprouts, growing vegetables, ripening fruit.

Hmh books for Young Readers. Greenwillow Books. In this exuberant and lyrical book, discover the wonders that lie hidden between stalks, under the shade of leaves. And down in the dirt. Used book in Good Condition. Red wagon Books. A companion to the new over and under the pond and the beloved Over and Under the Snow, this sweet exploration of the hidden world and many lives of a garden through the course of a year "could not be more lovely, " according to the Washington Post.

Flip, Float, Fly: Seeds on the Move

Holiday House - Depth - 11. 09. Chronicle. Hmh books for Young Readers. Used book in Good Condition. Weight - 031. Height - 018. Red wagon Books. Charlesbridge. Where wil it land? from splashing away in a raindrop to scurrying with scampering squirrels to hitching rides on your sleeves and socks, seeds have many ingenious ways to traveling to new laces, growing roots, and beginning the cycle again.

Width - 8. 54. Greenwillow Books. Fans of from seed to plant, a perennial seller by Gail Gibbons, will want this lushly illustrated picture book. A gust of wind lifes a maple seed, sending it spinning like a shiny green helicopter throught the sky.

The Tiny Seed The World of Eric Carle

Little Simon - Width - 8. 54. Greenwillow Books. Height - 018. Used book in Good Condition. Depth - 11. 09. Used book in Good Condition. Weight - 031. Hmh books for Young Readers. Readers can plant the entire piece of paper and watch as their very own tiny seeds grow into beautiful wildflowers. Chronicle. This mini-book includes a piece of detachable seed-embedded paper housed on the inside front cover.

Eric carle’s classic story of the life cycle of a flower is told through the adventures of a tiny seed. Red wagon Books. Charlesbridge.