First to Burn Lessons in Love Book 2

- But is there really anything wrong with flirting a little with the blue-eyed fireman? After all, she hardly knows him and she's really not interested in him that way. Not that she really wants him to or anything. Falling flat on your butt in the mud in front of the groom's older brother is not the best way to make a first impression at a wedding.

And why not? what's wrong with giving a pretty girl a simple kiss? But would kissing her really be simple at all?Something told him that he was going to kiss her anyway, though. She's nothing like the women he usually goes for - flashy and experienced and unlikely to get their feelings hurt if he forgets to call them later.

While the sexy fireman puts out burning buildings during the day, he's notorious for setting the sheets on fire at night with any woman who catches his eye, and Kimberly has no intention of being another notch on his bedpost. Kimberly expects the weekend to go downhill from there, but Colin turns a horrible experience into something she can laugh about, and before long she's spending far more time with him than is good for her.

First to Burn Lessons in Love Book 2 - Maybe it's the way that she manages to look both sweetly innocent and completely delectable at the same time. She just wants to see if he will. Lusting over his scrumptious body a little and enjoying his teasing wouldn’t hurt anything, right?Colin can't explain his sudden fascination with the pretty, young bridesmaid.

Or maybe it's because making her blush is a lot more fun than trading tired sexual innuendos with other women. And it might be fun to see if he makes a move.

First to Heal Lessons in Love Book 3

- How can it be right to saddle a girl like paige, who has hardly experienced life at all and still has everything ahead of her, with a man who is already broken? Offering her any encouragement is a terrible idea, and every time they're near each other is like throwing lit matches towards a puddle of gasoline.

. Getting him to give her that chance is the tricky part, though, since Rhys is convinced he's all wrong for her and is doing his best to keep her at arm's length. The sexy ex-army captain has been wounded in body and soul, but Paige believes she can heal him if he'll only give her a chance. This is what she wants.

First to Heal Lessons in Love Book 3 - He was hers—even if he didn’t quite know it, yet. What would have happened if he had gone through with that kiss? For all her youth and innocence, Paige is proving irresistible. He has absolutely no business getting involved with her, no matter how badly he wants to be her first at all those things he figures she hasn't come anywhere close to doing yet.

All of that changes in an instant when Rhys comes within a breath of kissing her in the Special Collections department. For as long as paige can remember she has wanted to be a librarian - unfortunately she’s pretty sure she’s going to end up a blue-haired spinster one with a house full of cats. But he's all wrong for her - too old, too wrecked, too jaded.

And deep down he knows that what he really wants is to be her only - the only man ever to have her, to touch her.

First to Dare Lessons in Love Book 4

- Of course that's just the beginning of his problems. Unfortunately she seems to attract customers determined to turn it into a living hell. Still, the guy is seriously cute. If you like the type. But when she runs into him again at her favorite club he looks better than ever. Aside from being wickedly sexy, her quick wit and razor sharp tongue set him off like no other woman he's ever met.

Now all he has to do is convince her to give him a chance, even if it's against her better judgment. She's smart and she's got attitude and she needs someone who is her match. Duncan has a secret, and if Lisa finds out it could spoil everything. Working at the music store was Lisa's dream job. It's almost a shame that he's not her type.

First to Dare Lessons in Love Book 4 - But the butterflies which exploded in her stomach didn’t seem to care. The petite goth girl isn't Duncan's type at all, but he can't get her electric blue eyes out of his head. Which she doesn't. After dealing with jacob's lewd advances, the last thing she needs is to be kicked in the ego. Turns out he has a nice butt, too.

First of all there's Jacob.

With One Word

- And now i'm afraid I'm falling in love with him. Grant is the only man who has ever treated me like a person instead of trash, and he's always been there when I needed him. It kills me to see what she's had to endure since her father abandoned their family and her mother went to pieces, but Holly refuses to give up.

She trusts me. I'm supposed to keep her safe. Hollyever since my dad walked out eight years ago, my life has been Hell. Yet sometime when I wasn't paying attention, the girl grew up into a woman. The only reason i didn't skip town the moment I turned eighteen is my little sister, Willow. Now my best friend has moved across the country to go to college and I've got no one at all - except Grant.

With One Word - But while i'm fighting it as hard as I can, it doesn't seem to matter. I can't help wanting what I can never have. There's just one little problem. Grant is my best friend's dad. Grantwhen my wife and son died in a plane crash nine years ago, Holly was the one who dragged my daughter and then me back to the world of the living.

She's the bravest person I've ever met.

Let Me In The Invisibles: Grant & Jessa

- Jessa is happy, in love, and has overcome her past…or so she thinks. Grant and jessa can’t stop thinking about one another since being introduced at a party a month ago. Each book can be read independently from the others, but will be more enjoyable if you read in order. Don't let go #1let me in #2let me love #3can't Let Go #4Let Me Go #5.

As they grow closer, they each battle their own insecurities, and neither believes that they are worthy of the kind of love that they both still want. And despite their differences, they can’t seem to stay away from each other either. So if it’s true that opposites attract, what happens when the similarities begin to surface?This Series is complete with 5 standalone novels.

Let Me In The Invisibles: Grant & Jessa - However, both are hiding secrets of less-than-perfect pasts, fearing what will happen when those mistakes come to light. Grant is damaged, selfish, and undeserving of love…or so he thinks.

Winter's Heat: The Complete Edition The Winter Billionaires Book 0

- Who wouldn’t take advantage of a little moonlight on a yacht with good company? But no one had bothered to tell Stephen he couldn’t have a taste, and now his soft lips are setting her on fire. Why couldn’t she enjoy it for just a little while? it wouldn’t hurt anything, would it?This edition contains all eight installments of The Winter Billionaires series and is over 127, 000 words over 540 pages long.

In desperation she finds herself at a party on the yacht of Andrew Winter, a playboy oil billionaire, hoping to land a job as his personal assistant. It isn’t going to get him anywhere, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have fun with it. After the hit her ego has taken with her ex, the attention is nice.

Winter's Heat: The Complete Edition The Winter Billionaires Book 0 - They were riveted on her, and that was all she cared about at the moment. What she can see is that he’s smoking hot, oozing testosterone, and interested in her. Now she’s on the hook for all the bills, and she needs a job that will pay her more than a teaching assistant’s meager salary. But the gorgeous stranger she ends up talking to isn’t Andrew Winter.

In the dim light she couldn’t make out the color of his eyes, but it really didn’t matter. How had her life gotten so complicated?As if grad school wasn’t hard enough, Celeste had caught her boyfriend cheating on her and kicked him out of their apartment.

Winter's Bite: A Billionaire Romance The Winter Billionaires - Andrew Book 2

- Guys like andrew didn't happen to women like her - not for more than a night or two, anyway. Andrew winter brought a whole new meaning of heat to summer in Key WestThe sexy as sin billionaire bad boy was enough to drive any woman crazy, and Nicole was no exception. Even the promise of a lost Spanish galleon full of treasure wasn't enough to take her mind off of him for long.

But the arrival of old family friends with a gorgeous daughter who had her sights set on Andrew reminded Nicole that her odds of finding the lost treasure were better than those of claiming her billionaire boss. That was reality, and she just had to accept it. But it seems that no one had bothered telling Andrew that.

Let Me Go The Invisibles Book 5

- I’ve driven away a girlfriend and killed a few friendships along the way. This series is complete with 5 STANDALONE novels. My name is rob Winters, aka, Jackass. Even to my closest friends. I wasn’t always so arrogant and condescending. If one veers too close or digs too deep, the cruel and mean bastard many hate is unleashed.

Then, she walks into my life—or worse, just when the chains loosen around my heart, the room next door. My plan has succeeded for the past seven years. Each book can be read independently from the others. Don't let go #1let me in #2let me love #3can't Let Go #4Let Me Go #5. She strolls into my house with her bouncy brown curls and banging body, slithering herself through the smallest opening and making me crave the one thing I’ve denied myself these past years.

Let Me Go The Invisibles Book 5 - Her smell, her eyes, and her caring nature are everything I’m not worthy of enjoying. It only took one night to change me—one point twenty-seven seconds, to be exact. When tragedy struck, I promised myself, no matter what, unbreakable chains would lock my heart. How long do i have to struggle with the demons that haunt me every night before the torture ends? Forever, I remind myself, but the links protecting my heart break each time Paige Kensington enters the room.

Let Me Love The Invisibles

- Despite the connection they make when their paths unexpectedly cross, Kailey knows her life has no room for anyone else right now. Kailey’s life is crumbling. A chance encounter. An unimaginable twist of fate. Her best friend and sister, is dying, Jen, leaving her young family devastated. With little hope of saving her, Kailey is forced to face a reality she never expected.

Trey’s life is fun and carefree. He loves the girls, his drums, and his friends. Each book can be read independently from the others, but will be more enjoyable if you read in order. Don't let go #1let me in #2let me love #3can't Let Go #4Let Me Go #5. Mature audiences Please 18+. Is there such a thing as fate? if so, can kailey and Trey hold on to one another long enough to discover there’s no such thing as a chance encounter?This Series is complete with 5 standalone novels.

Let Me Love The Invisibles - This time he’s determined to keep his place in the life of the ones he loves. An undeniable connection. That’s not to say he isn’t continuously plagued by a difficult decision made years ago—one that changed the course of his life. But regardless of how many times she pushes him away, Trey only fights harder to make a place for him in her life and in her heart.

Trey thought he knew heartbreak, but he had no idea until life gave him a second chance, only to snatch it away just as fast.

Can't Let Go The Invisibles

- Everybody knows him as the shallow guy who’s up for a good time anytime. Chrissy used to know everything about Dex. Each book can be read independently from the others, but will be more enjoyable if you read in order. Don't let go #1let me in #2let me love #3can't Let Go #4Let Me Go #5. With chrissy's return, lines begin to cross from friendship to something more, but will Dex's secret force them apart forever?BONUS SCENE included from LET ME LOVEThis Series is complete with 5 standalone novels.

People rarely take the time to see the loyal guy lying just beneath the happy-go-lucky façade. There are parts of Dex’s life he keeps hidden. Dex is many things, a college senior, a friend, a son, the bassist for The Invisibles, everything but a boyfriend. When he left four years ago for college, she was left behind.

Can't Let Go The Invisibles - Since he gave up on the idea of a dream girl long ago, he thinks he’s finally found the perfect balance of connection without commitment with Sam. Ones he believes no one would understand. With nowhere else to turn, Chrissy calls the one person she’s always counted on, Dex. One glance at the sad eyes he’s tried to forget and Dex knows it’s out of his control.

Winter's Spell: A Billionaire Romance The Winter Billionaires Book 2

- Now that she’s back within his grasp, he has no intention of letting her go again. How long would it take her to admit that she wanted him every bit as much as he wanted her? I always like to feel in control. Celeste’s new job as the personal assistant to the CEO of Winters Group is a dream come true. Their night together on the yacht is still hanging over them, and the chemistry that crackles between them is beginning to wear away Celeste’s good sense.

Trying to keep things purely professional with her boss is a different story, though. After she pulled her cinderella routine, he’d left no stone unturned to find her and get her back. She knows that rich playboys like Stephen are nothing but trouble, but it’s getting harder every day to keep her distance.

Winter's Spell: A Billionaire Romance The Winter Billionaires Book 2 - She wasn’t about to put herself through that kind of heartbreak—even though her entire body was pleading with her that it would be worth every sweet, steamy second of it. When stephen told his new assistant that he’d let their night on his yacht go, he’d been lying.